Arts & Film Director: Luke Leidy


Year: Junior
Major: Psychology, Sociology, Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies
Origin: Mercersburg, PA


Luke enjoys watching the Handmaid's Tale, going to the Carnegie museums, and generally having a lot on his plate leaving us wondering how he has time for it all. He lives in a 250 year old house that is haunted by a ghost named Nancy.


Reasons to join the Pitt program Council?

There's always someone around the office to have lunch with!

Activities outside of Program Council?

Being an RA at Nordenberg, being a research assistant, and an UTA for Intro to Psych.

Dream event if you were not bound by space, time, money, and the laws of nature?

Coordinating a film festival where the people most essential to the shown films come to campus!

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Double Dunker