Recreation Director: Jess Scott



Year: Junior

Major: Political Science, Economics

Origin: Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh native Jess Scott played most imaginable sports, which is probably why he's recreation director. Outside of school and Program Council, he is involved in Pitt Pathfinders, being a Resident Assistant, Student Government Board Elections Committee, and the pre-Law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. We have concluded he is a wizard because, in theory, he does not have time to sleep, but always looks well rested. His favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

What do you like about the Pitt Program Council?

I love the atmosphere and the people the most. I became a Director to continue contributing to this amazing organization and producing exciting events.
Dream event if you were not bound by the laws of nature, time, space, money?
Repelling off of the Cathedral
Reasons to join the Pitt Program Council?
It's a fun and exciting environment that is always open to new ideas
If you could have one slightly useless superpower, which one would it be?
The ability to fly, but only to Antarctica and back