Lecture Director: Quincey Johnston

Year: Junior
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Reading, PA

What's the best restaurant in Oakland?

Sushi Fuku

What's the best thing to do in Pittsburgh?

Explore! The history here is so rich, and there’s so much to see, so you’ll never find a corner of the city you’ve never explored before, even after spending your entire undergraduate career (or more) here!

Dream event if you were not bound by the laws of nature, time, space, money?

I would love to do a weekend trip that would allow students to train like the Avengers, with highlights in hand-to-hand combat, stealth, archery, shield-throwing, web-swinging, flight, etc! Just have a few days to feel like the World’s Mightiest Heroes, even just briefly!

Why should everyone join Pitt Program Council?

We have a lot of fun while also taking a lot of pride in the programs we do - being involved in the Pitt Program Council really provides a unique experience to connect to different students and organizations all over campus, in ways that aren’t necessarily accessible to a majority of students. We work hard so we can play hard!

How long have you been in Pitt Program Council?

This is my 3rd year!

Past Positions (if you had any)

Interest Exploration Director, Lecture/Special Events/Travel Committees